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Family law isn't easy. When your family is going through tough times, we have the resources you need to weather any storm.

Your family is among the most important parts of your life but that doesn't mean that everything will be perfect. When your family is going through tough times, our team of legal professionals is here to assist you and the ones you love.

Take care of your family matters

  • Divorce / dissolution of marriage

  • Collaborative divorce

  • Mediation

  • Child custody, child support and parenting time

  • Paternity

  • Property division and spousal support (alimony)

Personalized, compassionate care

At Randall L. Sherrod, P.C., we understand that each family is different. When you choose our legal team, we will work with you to provide customized services perfectly aligned with what you have in mind. Whether you're fighting for custody or drafting a prenuptial agreement, we'll give you the perfect solutions.

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With over 20 years in business, we have the experience and expertise to help you settle your cases in the best possible ways. From mediations to divorce settlements in court, we can stand by your side to help you make the most of any situation.